Sewage Pumps Lightweight Submersible Pump
The ShinMaywa Norus submersible pump is one of the most reliable and durable pumps sold in today's watergarden market. On the outside it has a unique hardware design made of fiberglass in addition to its cast aluminum bearing housing, which provides superior heat dissipation and structural integrity in comparison to competing pumps. The Norus series is corrosion resistant due to the 304 stainless steel and poly amide fiber reinforced resin, and stainless steel shaft and impeller.

6900 GPH (Gallon Per Hour)
  • ShinMaywa 50cr 2.75 S-1 1 HP 115GPM Vortex Sewage Pump
  • 1HP Single Phase Motor
  • Maximum Flow Rate 115 GPM @ 5'
  • Maximum Head: 45'
  • Liquid temp to 104° F (40°)
  • 2" Discharge energy consumption 1088 watts 10 Amps 115 Volts 
  • High Efficiency Motor Class E
  • Long Life Low operating cost
  • Vortex impeller design
  • Air release valve
  • Cord length 32'
  • Warranty: 2 Year

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