Filtrific T390F Filtered Pump Vault

With the ability to flow up to 700 GPM (42,000 GPH) through two large filters, the Filtrific T390F is the perfect solution for large, high-flowing water features. Innovative design elements such as a standard 6" intake port, which can be cut off to create a 10" intake port, allow for unlimited creativity when designing and building anything from landscape water features to architectural pools.

  •  Weight: 256 lbs
  •  6" / 10" combination intake port handles flow rates up to 700 GPM (42,000 GPH)
  •  390 gallon Filter Tank (provides 270 gallons of water in motion reserves)
  •  Can be placed away from the water feature
  •  Accepts interchangeable skimmers
  •  Large pumping chamber
  •  Bolt down integrated lid system
  •  Convenient filter access (Filter Baskets purchased separately)
  •  Removable Filter Carriage
  •  Front & back discharge ports for up to four pumps
  •  Front and back additional water

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