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Pond Kits for the Garden

Our selection of Garden Pond Kits allow you to build a pond with an optional impressive waterfall and stream. Our pond kit selection is for the homeowner who wants the most creative and trustworthy platform for their pond.
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Garden Pond Kit Pond Kit
Pond Kit Filter Advanced Filtration
Our Pond Kits utilize both mechanical and biological filtration
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Pond Kits Patented Features
Multiple features only avaliable with our pond kits give you design flexibility.
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Pond Kits Photo Gallery
Photos of 9 different landscape ponds built using our kits.
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Build a Pond Pond Installation Guide
Step-by-Step directions for building a pond or a pond with a waterfall and stream.
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A Pond Kit from Berkey Supply will give you the tools you need to create a spactacular pond with optional waterfall and stream that will allow you to build something completely unique and natural. Scroll down to view our garden pond kits.
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Hybri-pond 1
Hybri-pond 1
Price: 2,826.00
Oasis 1 Waterfall Pond Kit
Oasis 1 Waterfall Pond Kit
Price: 2,159.00
Hybri-pond 2
Hybri-pond 2
Price: 3,669.00
Oasis 2 Waterfall Pond Kit
Oasis 2 Waterfall Pond Kit
Price: 2,719.00
Hybri-pond 3
Hybri-pond 3
Price: 6,046.00
Oasis 3 Waterfall Pond Kit
Oasis 3 Waterfall Pond Kit
Price: 3,618.00
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