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Creating a pond design for your garden should be a relaxing and exciting task. The mechanics of your garden pond design should not be something that constrains your design but instead adapts to your creativity. Our pond kits have been engineered to adapt to complex and creative designs to allow you to truly design your ideal watergarden.

Beware of the Cheap Kit

On the internet there are many inexpensive pond kits that claim to give you natural looking results. The results that are generated are typically far less than was originally envisioned. They include big, bulky equipment that is nearly impossible to hide. This is largley due to less than ideal engineering resulting in thin plastic materials that aren't capable of being hidden by heavy rocks. To accomadate the unsturdy materials, many manufacturers include an artifical rock to hide the skimmer and waterfall weir. These artificial rocks typically look non-realistic and have a difficult time blending into the landscape..

Pond Designs

Our pond kits come in 2 general configurations. With our Hybri Pond Kit you can create a garden pond with waterfalls and a stream. When you are home to enjoy your water feature, you have the option of turning your waterfalls and stream on, but when you leave you have the freedom to turn off the waterfalls and stream to save electricity. Only a small circulation pump needs to be left running to provide continual water circulation.

Our Traditional Style Pond Kit is for the homeowner who would like a natural looking waterfall which falls directly into the pond. This style of system includes a ultra compact door skimmer which is designed to sweep debris from the surface of the pond into the filter tank for filtration and pumping. An optional circulation disc bottom draw can be added to pull debris from the bottom of the pond for enhanced filtration.

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Pond Designs
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