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Patented Features Give You Design Flexability

Featuring an ultra-compact and easily desguisable door pond skimmer, low profiel and easily adjustable fixted garden pond skimmers, a reinforced and easily hidden waterfall weir which can be buried under heavy rock and the ability to place the pump chamber away from your garden pond, our the unique features of our kits give you the ability to create a watergarden which truely stands out.

Pond Skimmers that are Both Effective and Easy to Hide

The Oasis searies features our completely unique and easy to hide pond skimmers. These skimmers pull debris from the water's surface to help keep your pood looking clean. The front of the skimmer is small to keep from detracting from the natural look of your pond. The pond skimmer's depth is only 6-1/4" which allows you to easily hide with rock or other natural elements. The skimmer's reinforced design allows you to place heavy rocks on top without worry of cracking or damage.

Pond Skimmer Small Pond Skimmer
Pond Skimmer Side View

Fixed Level Pond Skimmers

Our line of fixed level pond skimmers are avaliable with our Hybri-Pond Kits. These skimmers maintain a fixed water level in your pond and are incredibly easy to disguise.

Pond Designs
Garden Pond Skimmers (Fixed) Click to Enlarge

Pond Designs

Why would I need a fixed pond skimmer over a door pond skimmer?

Because with a Hybri-Pond Kit you will be building a number of waterfall drops and a stream. When the waterfall pump is shut off this water needs a place to go so with Hybri-Pond Systems containment is built into the tank setup. Because of this the water level in the pond must be fixed to ensure that too much water is not let into the tank until the stream is shut off. A door pond skimmer on the other hand allows the water level to fluxuate and any excess water simply extis out of the overflow port on the back of the filter tank. For this reason Fixed Skimmers come packaged with Hybri-Pond Kits and Door Skimmers with Traditional or Oasis series pond kits.

A Solid and Easily Disguisable Waterfall Wier

Our waterfall weirs help you create a ultra-natural looking start to a waterfall or stream. No bulkey plastic looking waterfall weirs to junk up your landscape! With our weir your stream can begin from beneath a log, underneath a rock or can bubble up from a small rock bed. Creativity is in your hands.

Waterfall Weir
Waterfall Weirs

Our waterfall weir's innovative design allows only the natural elements and flowing water to be seen and can be inverted for a pooling start to the waterfall or stream.

Pond Waterfall Wier
The versatile rock-bearing design supports large or small rock and can start the water course with a tall or zero water drop.

Waterfall Weirs for Waterfalls
The small profile Waterfall Starer allows a wide or narrow start to the waterfall.


Remote Pump Chamber Patented Technology

With our pond kits you have the freedom to place the pump chamber away from your pond. The Filter Tank can be positioned as needed to avoid an obstacle, to keep it out of the lawn, or be best aligned with additional water storage tanks.
The intake route is that of the pipe between the skimmer and the Filter Tank. With Filtrific you can place the Filter Tank away from the water feature enabling you to customize your intake route to best fit your landscape.

Common Intake Positioning:
Intake routes for 4" IPS pipe (up to 80 GPM) and 6" IPS pipe (up to 200 GPM) can have the intake pipe run straight and level up to 50 feet (10ft less per bend). Check the skimmer being used for maximum GPM flow.

Waterfall Weirs for Waterfalls   Waterfall Weirs for Waterfalls
Example: There are no obstacles. This is the most common intake route.   Example: Avoid an obstacle. This route is ideal for hiding the Filter Tank behind a wall or on the other side of a shrub.
Waterfall Weirs for Waterfalls   Waterfall Weirs for Waterfalls
Example: Square it up with the property line.   Example: Move it to a planting area.

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