Natural Stream and Waterfall Design
with a Pooling Finish

In nature, streams and waterfalls rarely end abruptly into an expanse of gravel; they usually finish into a soothing pool. This subtle touch is the visual difference between a natural looking water feature and an artificial looking attempt. Berkey Waterfall & Stream Kits provide the option of adding a natural pooling finish at the end of the waterfall or stream. When the system is turned off, the pooling finish disappears along with the rest of the waterfall or stream. This pooling effect is not an option with the other systems on the market, often referred to as "pondless waterfalls." Complete the picture and combine a waterfall design that simulates nature with modern technology that can be enjoyed for years to come.


Dry Finish, Wet Finish and Pooling Finish

As discussed previously the pooling finish is the most natural looking way to end a waterfall or stream. However, each of the Berkey Waterfall & Stream Kits can accommodate either a wet or dry finish. The vanishing pool finish is available on select systems due to the additional containment required for the pool to vanish into the reservoir.

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Compare the Three Different Finishes:

Dry Finish

With a dry finish the water is terminated abruptlyinto a bed of rocks. This typically creates a less-than-natural look and does not allow for debris removal.




Wet Finish

With a Wet Finish, water continues to flow to the end of the waterscape. This allows debris to be swept over the skimmer and provides more visible water.

Pooling Finish

The pooling finish is the most natural end to a waterfall or stream and very closely mimics those found in nature. With a Berkey Waterfall & Stream System the entire pool area vanishes into the reservoir when turned off. The pooling area is can range from just a couple of inches deep and covering a small area to a larger, deeper pool which closely resembles a pond.




Incorporating a Pooling Finish Into a Stream & Waterfall Design

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Cascading Waterfalls Into Small Pooling Areas

These installations consist of a series of three waterfalls which drop into a pooling finish at the bottom. The pool is small but gives a nice landing area and gives the installation a more natural look.





Cascading Waterfalls Large Pooling Areas

Shown in the photo to the right is a waterfall which finishes in a large pooling area. The large pooling finish provides the feel of a pond without any of the maintenance due to it's ability to vanish completely into the Filter Tank Reservoir when the system is turned off.


How the Pooling Finish Works


Water vanishes below the rock line when the system is turned off. The Fixed Skimmer is structurally strong and easily hidden beneath large rocks.



The Filtrific® Fixed Skimmer



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