Energy-Effecient and Durable.

The majority of the Berkey Waterfall and Stream Kits feature the energy-effecient, durable and reliable line of F-Series Wet Rotor Pumps by Little Giant. These pumps are perfect for applications where a high pumping height is not required as these pumps operate optimally at under 15' of pumping height. For a pump which accommodates a larger pumping height see Shinmaywa Noris Pumps.

In order for this pump to operate correctly, debris-free water must be used. The Filtrific® Filter Tank Reservoir provides built-in pre-filtration specifically designed for use with energy efficient pumps.

  • Constructed without mechanical seal or oil
  • Screw attachment to hold screen in place
  • Rope/cable loop for deep installation retrieval


Pump Specifications:

    See specification sheet below for information:

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Curve Chart:




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