Welcome to Berkey Supply. We are located near Seattle, WA and are a nationwide supplier of equipment for ponds and water features, (for commercial, garden water features and backyard waterfall systems) rainwater harvesting, greywater irrigation systems and outdoor lighting (including 12 volt landscape lighting).

Water Features


Here at Berkey Supply we believe a water feature is a landscape-complementing piece of art that is meant to entice the senses and provide both relaxation and a sense of calmness. Over the years we have helped design hundreds of water features of all sizes and shapes, from commercial water features to residential, and from small to large water features.

Aside from designing water features we have also sold hundreds of features to do-it-yourself homeowners who wanted to create a water feature of their own. From our extensive experience we have created our water feature kits to help the homeowner build the feature of his or her dreams with minimal complication. To learn more about the different types of water features that we offer, view the garden water feature section below.



All Berkey Supply Water Feature Kits Include:

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Rainwater Harvesting Systems


We have always believed in being good stewards of our environment and to us, responsible use of our natural resources is paramount. Because of this we now provide our customers with access to the Flotender line of Rainwater Harvesting Systems and Greywater Systems. These products allow the homeowner to reuse the rainwater from their roof or greywater from their home to water their plants via an automatic drip irrigation system. For increased water savings pleas see Flotender Grey Water Systems.


Backyard Waterfalls


We offer numerous waterfall kits in multiple configurations for the many different backyard waterfall possibilities. From large impressive backyard waterfalls with an included stream and vanishing pool to simple streams or simply a small waterfall to the side of your patio or deck.
Which ever configuration you choose we have a outdoor waterfall system to make it happen. Aside from allowing you to be completely creative in the look and design of your system or kits are built upon rock-solid Filtrific technology. This technology incorporates an advanced waterfall filter with a durable pump chamber which protects the waterfall pump from any damage. This along with many other advantages included with our Filtrific based systems give the homeowner assurance that they are buying the highest quality professional grade water feature equipment on the market so that their backyard waterfall can be enjoyed for years to come!

Considering building a pondless waterfall? Learn about how our kits give you a far more natural looking water feature than the conventional pondless waterfall kit.

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Garden Water Features


A garden water feature is a term that incorporates a variety of landscape water features that compliment the garden. One type of garden water feature is a disappearing waterfall. This type of water feature functions as a waterfall and/or stream when turned on and disappears underground when turned off. This allows for reduced electricity usage and the elimination of string algae.

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Another type of garden water feature is one that resembles a bubbling rock. This type of feature is easy to install and allows you to add a water accent where there is not enough room for a full garden waterfall or pond. Our kits include all of the hardware required for a successful installation. Unique to our bubbling rock water feature kits is the ability to add a vanishing pool to the base of the rock. This pool will be present when the water is running and will disappear when the water is turned off.

Garden Water Feature
Garden Water Feature
can be finished with a pool or just exposed rock at the base.


If you enjoy water gardening, perhaps a pond with a waterfall should be considered. This style of water feature can support all aspects of water gardening including floating water-plants and fish since the pond is always full never vanishes even when the system is turned off. An advanced pond filter is included and as with all Filtrific based systems you have the freedom to place the Filter Tank away from the water feature as best suits the landscape due to our remote pond skimmer technology. With only the access cap showing, its small footprint is easily disguised and allows for a more visually appealing waterscape. We offer multiple pond kit sizes for building beautiful ponds with stunning waterfalls. For help with building your pond view our how to build a pond guide.



If you want a little bit of pond and a lot of stream then the Filtrific Hybri-Pond type of installation is the pond design of choice. With this system the stream appears when the stream pump is turned on and disappears underground when the pump is turned off. All stream water is captured underground so the pond does not overflow. This allows a smaller and more easily maintainable landscape pond installation as well as a more energy efficient installation. Enjoy significant electrical savings by turning the larger waterfall pump off when you are not there while keeping the much smaller circulation pump running to maintain water quality in the remaining pond.



If you desire a formal landscape design, consider an elevated or ground level concrete water feature using a concrete fountain kit. This can add the perfect accent to a courtyard, entryway or add a classic focal point to the open landscape. Many creative aspects can be incorporated including a landscape fountain, water sculptures, or reflecting pools. The Filtrific System simplifies the installation by combining pump, auto-fill, overflow and low water controls all in one convenient location, next to or away from the water feature.


Landscape Lighting    

You should enjoy your landscape even after the sun goes down. Check out our large selection of quality energy-efficient LED outdoor lights and 12 Volt Lighting. If you are not sure what you need, take the guesswork out of it and look at our outdoor lighting kit selection. These kits give you everything you need to install a professional landscape lighting system.


Root and Bamboo Barrier    

Is bamboo containment a concern? How about a product that will save your sidewalk, driveway or foundation from the damaging effect of tree roots? Be sure and look at our complete line of root barrier and bamboo barrier products from DeepRoot. We also carry a full selection of Grass Pavers for creating turf areas you can drive on without causing damage to the grass.


Not sure what you need? Give us a call 1-800-959-8353 or email us at support@berkeysupply.com and our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff will gladly walk you through your order.


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